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GATHER: A dance about convergence GO SEE IT

GATHER: a dance about convergence. Tere Mathern and Tim DuRoche have created an exciting collision of dance and music. I’ve been around Tere Mathern on and off for years at Conduit dance. I took some classes from her when I … Continue reading

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TBA REFLECTIONS FRI 7th. Identifiable entry points

Last Friday was a big day for me at the TBA festival. So my friend Aaron Scott wrote a lovely review of Miguel and Nora here at Portland Monthly. So I’ll skip giving long detailed examples of what exactly happened and focus … Continue reading

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6 weeks in exile Day 5

Today I woke up around 10:30 am. I woke up after having a dream where I was being instructed to UNHINGE! I was being told “to go THERE” “take it past its limit”. It being some kind of performance, some … Continue reading

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“Ordo Virtutum”

Ordo Virtutum is a 12th century morality play by The Blessed Hildegard Von Bingen aka Sibyl of the Rhine/Saint Hildegard. I was approached in late 2009 by my friends and collaborators Stephen Marc Beaudoin and Ben Landsverk of Fourscore Classical … Continue reading

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