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Exciting new pics in Genderfantasy

Just posted some new photos in the Genderfantasy page. It’s been a year exactly to the opening of Genderfantasy and I’m still so moved by the whole experience. BIG love to Wayne Bund and Antoinette Sparkles for the photos and … Continue reading

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Day 11

Today… no this weekend into this week is just a monster. Today I am up at 5:30 am in NE, I stumble my way to the bus which was 5 minutes late. I’m not complaining as much as giving you … Continue reading

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6 weeks in exile day 4 Monday the 30th

Something about this bedroom inspires sleepy beautiful dream visitations and a severe reluctance to get out of bed. I felt very open to taking pictures today on my phone. I took the 4 to the rose quarter and walked down … Continue reading

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Kaj-anne Pepper on KBOO


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Getting on the blog train.

I’m training myself to get on the blog train. I’ve been caught up in the swirl of re-landing in PDX since my 6 month adventure away. Now I’m swimming deep in the production of my new show GENDERFANTASY! and settling … Continue reading

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After a winters sleep…

The equinox has just passed and I feel like I am just waking up out of a slumber. A much needed slumber which took me from Portland OR to Sint Maarten to Southern Oregon at the Wolf Creek Sanctuary to … Continue reading

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