2012 Year in Review

For many Jan 1st is the year mark where we give ourselves the gift of self-reflection. The time for black-eyed peas and resolutions. The time we collectively allow ourselves a reset button, a time of celebration (hedonism) and new beginnings. I extend this time through my birthday which is Jan 7th. I get an extra week to think about my adventures and regrets. I get an extra week to wallow in my failures and success.

Some MAJOR highlights of 2012 are

THE DECEPTiCONS! – forming and performing in RISK/REWARD and Conduit’s DANCE + festivals. Oh, and we also shot 3 videos, made an Aaliyah cover band and collaborated with David Eckard!




photo by Gia Goodrich

photo by Gia Goodrich







Also, I got hit by a car the night of Conduit Dance+. So, I guess getting doored 5 hours before my first big dance festival offering in PDX is noteworthy.. I STILL PERFORMED cause the show must go on.

Butoh dance intensive + performance with Hiroko Tomano at The Headwaters Theatre. I posted about dancing with Hiroko here.










I helped manage and fundraise 900+$$ for my sister and collaborator Antoinette! at my now defunct but favorite NOPO queer party BENT!


Acted in “The People Portland” with Big Art Group I wrote about some of my experience with Big Art and the workshop I took with them for PICA here.




Dressed up as my childhood hero/identity SHE-RA princess of Power! with Wayne Bund for his show Mimesis!



On a whirlwind trip to CA I visited my Aunt Lucinda and Grandfather Lucas in Fairfax and he gave me some paintings of his. That was DEC 7th, my friend Bernie’s birthday, and we magically ran into each other at one of Marin’s Trader Joe’s (where he works). Synchronicity is my religion.

I posed for Neil Dacosta  for his fancy Morman Missionary Positions Photoset


I Pranced danced and giggled in drag with Alaska Thunderfuck and Jinkx Monsoon, Carla Rossi, Tommy Bang Bang, Fanny Mae Darling, and my friends Bomb Ass Pussy for Genderfucking Takeover PDX! SO MUCH FUN.

photo by James Campbell



Jan 7 2012 I fly down to CA to visit my mother for my birthday, visit my Aunt and wander  around a beach cliff under a full moon encountering an owl and a deer on my way.

In the end of January my housemates and I all moved out for 7 weeks for renovations because of a mysterious and intense water explosion in the house. I called this 6 weeks in exile and I blogged about it HERE

during that time I got to stay and play slumber party with a number of good friends and lovely folks. A BIG THANKS FOR YOUR HOSPITALITY!

FEB- I performed with my collaborator and friend Lillian Rossetti at homomentum. you can see the dance video here.

I also applied to Risk/Reward Festival AND Conduit Dance+ festivals in PDX. Performed in Olympia with CJ and the Dolls. I did my best to finish the kickstarter prizes from DEC’s GENDERFANTASY

March/April- Performed with CJ and the Dolls again at Peep Show in PDX, found out I got into RISK/REWARD festival! and began to rehearse with the newly minted DECEPTiCONS. This was also the time when I got insane nosebleeds!

May- Celebrated springtime in the woods with friends.

June- Pdx gay pride and the RISK/REWARD festival

July – got doored by a car, and on the same night opened a weekend show at Conduit PDX for the Dance+ festival

August – recovered from bike accident and went to the beach alot

Sept– PICA! and TBA festival in PDX. I wrote some reviews, a queer guide to the TBA festival and performed with BIG ART GROUP

OCT– The best time of year! Performed with Linda Austin for A Portland Circus for John Cage!  See Video of that performance here. I also spent some time in the woods with friends! I also performed in a Aaliyah cover band with Nadia Buyse and Carla Rossi

Nov- I guess I recovered from Halloween in NOV

DEC– Performed at Cracks in the Ivory Tower, was interviewed by the Pride Review, and performed alongside some of PDX’s finest with infamous RuPauls’ Drag Race Queens Alaska Thunderfuck and Jinkx Monsoon!


SO there you have it. There are some things I’m leaving out of course. But, I believe if you have something fun and exciting to say, SHARE IT… so others can join in on the fun. I’ll happily invite you to any of my more serious dance performances where I DO get into the dark and gritty… you know… catharsis and all that.

BTowards a great 2013!


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