List of moments from my 76hour trip to SF

In not specific order a list of flash memories from my recent 76hour trip to SF.

“You make me laugh, not funny ha-ha funny my-gut-hurts”

I am not carrying that printer up 5 flights of stairs

I want to watch exactly 45seconds of Bay Area primetime

“Oh honey I’ll get you some vegan food, how about some ice wrapped in lettuce?”

–bitch the only thing goin in MY ice is vodka

Showing my friend the castro for the first time- practicing meditation in front of Harvey
Milk’s old storefront- feet are roots, chest is lifted feed are roots we are here in Dolores park.

Marathon 4 dear friends visit. 1 an ASL interpreter loves me up with breakfast and affirmation. 2. She loves me and she doesn’t give a fuck about her advertising job. 3. We piss in Maiden Alley and get caught. 4. Takes me to Rose and Sword, the most hidden magick store in SF.

Monique Jenkinson’s “Instrument” at COUNTERPULSE- gnawing on air while screaming like a cat caught in your nose.

@ Aunt Charlie’s “Bitch I got 10,000 dollars AND a gun- gotta bump?”

And then Friday

My grandfather, feeble and old, sassy and artistically prolific generously gives me two paintings from his collection and tells me Ansel Adams hand picked him to experiment with polaroid film when he went to SFAI.

(which made me remember when I went there when I was doing a summer program)

Thinking of my father, thinking of his father my grandfather. Thinking of my mother and her ex-lover my other mother. Thinking of San Francisco. Thinking of how curious my families lives are intertwined and so disparate. I’m a connector between families which barely exist except through the fact I was born, and I have memory of my fathers hands.

turns out my mother never partied at the stud.

My mother didn’t go to protests either.

My other mother did once get arrested for protesting nuclear power plants in CA.

My grandmother worked at Finnochio’s.

The GLBT history museum is only 2 of a kind.

Where do we come from?

San Francisco is NOT PDX.

Faggots will dance anywhere there’s whiskey and disco.

Buena Vista Park Sunset

“I’m having a conversation with myself from 10 years ago”

Offerings to the spirits honored and loved on 17th and Castro

I sleep from SF to Redding with a suitcase on my lap.

Invisible Puppies (Get into it MarinPsychoRemix)

Wiccan Smoothie (not kidding)

Artisanal Gluten Free Dog Treats


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