Will they let ME on the cruise?

Is my drag/now masc enuff?

I’m curious about how prescribed gender roles played into Carnival Cruise Lines decision to publish a letter to inform patrons they can’t come in drag… to a DRAG CRUISE EVENT. What is more threatening, a MAN in a mask or a man in drag? Are they not saying they are the same thing? Effectively linking our post 9-11 fear pathos to an easy flamboyant target? I think the big cruise lines should and now will be scared of the power of the queen. Especially when they lose a bunch of money for the stunt they are playing.

I don’t have time nor the energy to go into all the little bits but I will link this article.

and I wonder… if this is just a totally failed marketing attempt for Carnival Cruise…


I also read a letter form Al and Chuck travel that said something along the lines of be good gay people and follow the rules… just like in real life “you wouldn’t dress up to go see your favorite performer except maybe on Halloween.” And that’s where you lost ALL the queens who bought tickets to you shindig.

I think everyone should come dressed in their best! Just like the guy in the picture above.


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