I’m excited to tell all my friends to go see SUN$HINE by Tahni Holt! THIS WEEKEND!



Faeposium is Coming to Portland! (November 8-11)

Bamboo Grove Salon, 134 SE Taylor

A space where faeries can come together to share, muse, have fun and create. Faeposium also aims to support a dialogue on the issues that affect us all, while creating solutions that leverage change on those very issues.

I’m teaching a dance/ritual called “AUTHENTIC BODY” FRIDAY 3-5pm! Come on down. It’s donation based (no one turned away for lack of funds) and it should be a great time! I’m very excited to play and explore some of my personal dance/embodiment practices as well as some techniques and things I’ve picked up along the way!

Any body/gender/experience is welcome. This is a collectiv(ish) ritual focused on engaging our bodies as medium for energetic inquiry, group mind, and playful improvisation! Bring comfortable cloths!



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