Big Art Group part 2.

So, my phone died while I was backstage on Saturday the 8th. I was in one of the studio rooms with Big Art Group waiting patiently in the dark and I wanted to take photos of the small images I was noticing. The empty pack of cigarettes precariously balanced on some video cable. The random splatter of ketchup on the ancient classroom wall. I wanted to take photos while the action was happening… when Heather from B.A.G pushed Francis out of the way to play Clytemnestra then proceeded to have a royal freak out and tore the room apart. I wanted to take a photo of Heathers relaxed and off camera stance… the manic grasp for water (was her throat sore from 4 days of screaming?) the stunning ability to jump back into character at the slightest cue. I wanted to take photos of the Eumenidies as played by the 3 large mylar balloons, which I kept a long with a horde of other Mylra the B.A.G was going to throw away. Talk about spoils! I was so FUCKING excited!!! YARDS AND YARDS OF MYLAR! I’m going to attempt to make a stunning inflatable dress.

As for my B.A.G debut… I showed up did some stand up during my mic check…

“Yeah, when I found out I couldn’t give birth to children cause I didn’t have a uterus I cried for weeks…”

— “Last week was hard” —

knock knock- shut the fuck up


I’m not funny I’m just easy to laugh at.

The whole group, the PDX talent and the B.A.G team did some pre-show ritual. We all clapped together… attempting to make a single clap as a group… it took 4 tries. Caden, the Artistic Dir. said it was a ‘Diagnostic’ tool. Then we all put our hands in and said a big ‘FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOU’. I’m totally gonna try those out next group show I do and see how it colors our bravado.

I waited in a chair, noticing the small things… in the dark. I sat across from Heather who played Chlytemnestra and she just sat still on her bench on the other side of the room, she seemed to be on the other side of a river… waiting for a handsome lover or a handsome drug dealer, calm, yet with a definite sense of standing at attention. Like I said, if the cameras were to rush in turn the lights on and skip the first 1/2 of the show she’d be able to deliver her lines and re-negotiate her body in frame and quite possibly direct the rest of us too.

I played footsie with Thien-Kim who played Elektra. Thien-Kim and I bonded quickly when we realized we could both fit into the same size dance jumper, and of course I had two.

Action happened, cameras invaded the room, the drama, oh the drama. I got hustled up to my chair and was handed a mic so I could read from the cue cards as Orestes.

NOTE* They didn’t prepare us for the text. Those of us who participated in the workshop got to play with the basic composition of locating our image in frame, space and strategize how to compose ourselves… we were not given text to learn. So, when the cute guy holding the cue cards held them behind the camera stand I was forced to either make up words or twist my head around to see. Now, it would be a failure to show that I was unsure of what I was doing so I had to choose between the two… I ended up doing the best I could by squinting a few times but generally delivering a sassy apocalyptic political diatribe.

You’re welcome.

I have to say. The whole process was lots of fun. I got a shit load of mylar which I’m gonna make into something. (HELLO BALLOON FETISH) and it was a pleasure working with such talented players.

Fuck yeah TBA.


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