Kaj-anne’s TBA Guide

Dear Queer Portland,

Tomorrow starts one of my favorite events of the year PICA’s Time Based Arts Festival. For full festival schedule and descriptions of events please visit http://www.pica.org/ and get yourself privy to the what and the where…

If I had my way with you I would see you at ALL these following TBA festival shows and night time events.

For your convenience I’ve split them into two categories. PERFORMANCES (theatre/dance/tickets) vs WORKS (nightlife and schmoozing)

This is not the entire catalog, just the ones that have caught my eye and ear. I’m very excited to see many more of the scheduled events, lectures and workshops! Come play with me!


BIG ART GROUP – Live cinema! That means the action you see happening is LIVE projected the side of Washington Highschool. Today in rehearsal one of the performers got so intense she threw her shoe and it stuck into the wall (On SAT I’m performing live with them!!!)

Miguel Gutierrez – His piece a few years ago was breath taking and inspiring. His DEEP Aerobics was a sweaty ritual of queer consciousness ruckus. For all my queer/queen/drag/sister-brothers and aspiring solo artist drama queens! Not to be missed. ALSO check out his dance workshops!

Nora Chipaumire – I’m hoping she’s as captivating and intense as her press photos and reputation!

Keith Hennessey TURBULENCE (a dance about the economy) – The piece I auditioned for… twice… and didn’t get in. The piece that will either BLOW YOU AWAY, make you scratch your head, or leave you confused yet dazzled… but something you wont easily forget… or understand… a very QUEER process piece. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Another one for my local queens, revolutionaries and queer misfits. ALSO– check out the TURBULENCE WORKSHOPS happening during the festival at conduit dance AND Studio 2 at Zoomtopia – a great way to engage and approach the praxis of the work! GET IT!

Perforations – Site specific performance art from eastern Europe. This one I’m unsure… yet very excited about!

and of course the mother of the simple yet saturated meaning laden electronic viola improvisational mindfuck Laurie Anderson!


Alright queers, this is where I wanna see us represent our sissy ass prancing dancing art queen magick mmmmkay! These are my top pics that I MUST SEE YOU SHAKING IT HARDCORE AT alright hunty?!?!!

THUR 6th VENUS X – opening party kick off with a fierce lady to bring the beats to the floor!

FRI 7th CHRISTEENE – Love her… hate her — you can’t deny her tay tay is the gnarliest performance art cum dump since Cleopatra (RIP). I hear there will be a prize for the best dressed for her occasion (I might be lying about that)

SAT 8th TEN TINY DANCES – The much hyped and super fun thunderdome of tiny stage vs BIG PERSONALITIES… check out the video of MY ten tiny from 2009.

WED 12th Parenthetical Girls – I made a friend with their video operator and I hear it’s going to be epic and beautiful!

Thur 13th Alexis Blair Penney – This QUEEN is beauty! I hope she serves it to PDX with hard and high cheek bones to match her high fantasy and sensuous siren songs. I’m VERY excited about this! Come dance with me!


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