Big Art Group, T:BA and writing practice!

So, as per usual I am erratic in my posts and process here at faggotry in motion. Usually this coincides with me taking an internet break, or being focused on the meat world, or just not focusing on the hyper self-reflection machine which is this archive.
I do know that if I have a project I’m more likely to follow through, write a bit, and archive it here.

I’ve identified NOW as a great time to work on some writing skills and since there will be a flurry of arts activities with the upcoming TBA festival I’m going to flex my writing muscles as well as my dancing muscles, observation muscles and well see about anything else.

My plan… is to give myself the freedom to write as critically and insightfully as possible with as many grammatical mistakes as necessary knowing full well this is an EXERCISE. I will also aim to take photos, video and play games as necessary to create content to map out and support my writing/engagement in action.

I think my first exercise will be to sum up and explain the BIG ART GROUP Hybrid Body/Simultaneous Presence workshop I’ve been attending over Labor Day Weekend at Washington Highschool. Then I will do a write up of each of the shows I’ve seen, and keep my ears and eyes open for dramatic and fun events!

So there. Image


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