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Carla Rossi and Kaj-anne Pepper Debut WRQ* At Risk/Reward This Weekend

Carla Rossi and Kaj-Anne Pepper (photo by Joni Kabana)
Shake off your post-Pride late-June blahs and get out to the theatre this weekend when local drag luminaries Carla Rossi and Kaj-anne Pepper debut their new collaborative performance WRQ*.

“Kaj-anne and I are working on a gloriously ambitious project called WRQ* with our friends,” Rossi (née Anthony Hudson) told staff writer Daniel Borgen in the current issue of PQ. “We’ve been working on it since April. The project utilizes our talents differently and in many new ways from what audiences are used to, so we’re tackling it under a new group moniker The DECEPTiCONS.” The result, debuting this weekend at Hand2Mouth Theatre’s Risk/Reward Festival, is a collaborative dance/sound performance directed by Pepper and featuring the talents of Rossi, dancer Jen Hackworth, musician Mickey Pollizatto of CJ and The Dolls, artist David Eckard and designer Antoinette Sparkles. Pepper explains the WRQ* experience:

WRQ* is about the queering of expectation and the power of queer language. The DECEPTiCONS explore sound, language, and image through dance, video and music to weave together a visceral and hysterical sonic exploration of identity. WRQ breaks down words into sonic objects and through them we reclaim recreate and repurpose meaning through movement, dialog and an attempt at authentic queer performativity…

Expect audience participation in the construction of character, sound and suspense! Screams, laughter, and an amalgamation of multiple talents feeding a new exploration in queer aesthetics and queered expectation.

Check out this charming lil’ teaser for the DECEPTiCONS and marvel at just how cute Pepper and Rossi can be! Once you get out of your stupor, head over to theHand2Mouth Theatre Risk/Reward website and get your tickets.

Risk/Reward featuring the DECEPTiCONS: June 23 & 24, 2012, 7:30pm, Artists Repertory Theatre (Alder Stage), 1516 SW Alder St, Portland. Tickets $14-$20, available at Ticket Turtle.


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