So, while I’ve been away I’ve been developing a new show called WWWEEERRRQQQ! or WRQ* for short.

WRQ* queers expectation while celebrating queer language and performativity. The DECEPTiCONS are Anthony Hudson aka Carla Rossi, Jen Hackworth, and Mickey Pollizatto as Cabiria Jones. We are dance, music, sound and video aimed at confronting and dismantling language. We are exploring trajectories and environments of the political, emotional, whimsical and hysterical. We will be performing as part of the Risk/Reward Festival June 22-23rd at Artist Repertory Theatre … here is the face book link

Today we had a visit from Linda K. Johnson who witnessed and gave us some very VERY valuable insight on the material we have so far.

In two weeks we will have the a great chunk of WRQ* in progress to share with PDX!


photo by Joni Kabana


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