Day 3 with Hiroko Tomano

Today’s post will be short because I’m super exhausted from working at the restaurant after working at the studio today.

Interesting conceptual tidbit. When we are activating our energetic body through the imagination through smell… or as H. says “smell the heart flower” we are imagining a pleasant smell rising up to our forehead opening our 3rd eye that sensation travels down our necks and into our back down to our pelvis and then maybe out the feet. Wait, that didn’t make a lot of sense. What I’m saying is there is a SENSATION that is built when we practice the smelling of the heart flower and watching that sensation travel around our body. Today, we sat in a circle and went through motions of exercise and practice that were one part breathwork, one part imagination and one part playtime. Play time in the sense it feels very wonderful to play at being a tiger, or a baby or what have you, yet it’s also very challenging. When we were on our hands and feet… like a fox for example. H. said, “The sense passes not on the forehead but down to the pelvis and that is how the whole spine is like a dog… or an animal… imagine all the thousands of needle like hairs telling you where you are in space”

I wondered… how did she come to realize that IF you were dog the electromagnetic sensation would not register the same way (in the brain/forehead) as a human but travel down to the tail, or pelvis across the spine? It just made sense to me in that moment and I’m trying to convey it here even though I know I’m fumbling and being inarticulate.

whatever it’s my blog.

Also, we spent 30 minutes cleaning the studio today. That is our warm up. Cleaning. Sometimes you pay money to attend a butoh class and it teaches you how dance the big spheres… sometimes you end up mopping the stage with a dirty rag for almost an hour.


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