Hiroko Tomano @ The Headwaters

Starting tonight I will start keeping a journal here about my weekly workshops with Hiroko Tomano from Harupin-Ha! butoh as I attend her residency workshop at The Headwaters Theatre in N. PDX. This will be the 3rd time I’ve worked with Hiroko and I’m excited and a little nervous to dive into 2+ hours a day 5 days a week with this legendary butoh teacher and performer.
So, I’m starting the night before… and this is how I feel.

Excited. Nervous. Intimidated. Hungry. Curious. Softness.

This weekend was BIG for me. I hosted BENT as a benefit for my sister Antoinette. Bent was a big success and it kept me up til 3am dancing! The next day I biked 15miles around town and out to Kelly Point Park to pick cotton wood buds. I’m into native plants and especially the cottonwood… it just smells so GOOD. Then I went to the infamous RED DRESS PARTY… where I stayed out dancing til 3am again and then galavanted around town til 8am. I took a brief nap, cleaned the bathrooms in my house and now I’m getting ready to head to my new job at Russell St. BBQ. I’m wondering… WHY is Pepper writing so much about his party scene? Well, cause it leaves my thighs sore, my head swimming with (hiccup) thoughts, and leaves me a little exhausted. I’m wondering how much more exhausted I will be from 2 hours with Hiroko. The last time I had a workshop with her it was a 5 hour Harupin Ha! workshop before the Water In the Desert festival a couple years ago. We became goldfish and walked with hour seats close to the floor with bent knees bow legged and rolling our shoulders. By the end of an hour of that I was seeing visions and cursing my burning thighs. So, going into it I feel I did a good job at exercising pretty hard… and we’ll see what creative and physical transformations come from some core training…



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