Juggling 6 weeks in exile is over…

It happened, I paid rent.

Finally after 6+ weeks of couch surfing I’ve made it back safely to the Willow Cottage. I am back in my room on the 3rd floor but this time the room is carpeted. The room is off gassing a little but I don’t mind. I have a bed, I have a closet, I have a rug, I have my books and I have my treasure. I’ve realized I don’t NEED those things to have a lovely adventurous life (because I lived out of my backpack JUST fine thank you) but they ARE a welcome material addition to my life. I mean, where would I be without Dossie Eastons “The Topping Book?”

I just started a new job at Russell St. BBQ. So now I’m juggling, two serving positions, my new position at Fliptography, the start of a new theatre piece (WRQ!) and my commitments to my body and life. I’ve noticed the TASK of cleaning my room has taken a week to even start. I have also let my daily yoga/dancing self-care scene slip a little bit. I don’t want to be on a track, nor am I able to get back on it… but I DO want to be in a cycle of self-love which manifests as daily body centered movement. That’s my goal, to get INTO THIS BODY everyday somehow. That’s my WERQ!

I will be starting a new Project Blog entitled WWWEEERRRQQQ soon. It will be the space where my collaborators and I will pump image, text, video and other content in for my show for June’s RISK/REWARD. I’ve applied for Conduit’s + commission. I’ve also applied for residencies and such around Oregon.
Soon I’m going to have to juggle a new job and a new schedule which is not my ideal situation cause while I was only working at Bridges I could easily take time off whenever I needed. How will I find balance and be available to do all the things I need to do as an artmaker hoping to stretch and grow while having to have a waitressing gig or two or three on the side. Is having 3 jobs count as a side to my main course of performance?
It’s all about priorities.

I am open to some change.




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