Day 37…

I have been dancing on shifting plates of uncertainty. The last month the earth has been trembling underneath me. My roots lifted, shifted and spread. Living out of two backpacks. Adventure time. I have performed in two shows, stayed in 6 houses and kept this blog semi-regular. Instead of becoming absorbed in the details and quirks of each house I have opened up my eyes to the world around me and used my fancy little phone to take photos, snapshots of my adventures. The process of opening up my eyes and ears and skin to the world around me is what I call magick. And, that is the kind of magick I feel when I’m traveling. But, I’ve just been traveling in PDX. I’ve just been doing my usual with displacement. It is uncomfortable, exciting, awkward and inconvenient to couch surf with your friends for weeks at a time… I’ve paired down from my borrowed GIANT suitcase and now I travel with two backpacks. I need less and less THINGS and more and more EXPERIENCE. I’m very lucky, privileged, and fortunate to have folks who love me to welcome me into their home temporarily.

While couch surfing in your own town:

1. ALWAYS DO DISHES— they will love you

2. Clean the bathroom for them– the will love you and sometimes feel embarrassed but be thankful anyway

3. Don’t burn their house down— if there is a leak from the bathtub running into the socket your running dryer is plugged into… unplug that shit and pray.

4. If you leave a gay ass mess of glitter either clean it up or leave a sign saying “YOU’RE WELCOME”

5. If you bring a sexy boy over be prepared to share or at least send a naughty photo of him in their bed to their cell phone

6. Pretend you brought a sexy boy over and be prepared to wear a mask while setting up a remote shot in their bed.

7. Don’t steal their ecstasy– you can’t do enough dishes to make up for it

8. Don’t steal it’s tacky

9. Eating all their food is NOT stealing its RESOURCE MANAGEMENT

10. Don’t let the cat out.

11. Don’t let the cat in.

12. Buy flowers for them on your last day

13. Just do the dishes.


I’m headed back to the Willow Cottage on Friday or Sat and I’m super excited to re-vamp my room and re-set my altars acquaint myself with the north and west facing windows. I’m looking forward to helping put the kitchen and living rooms back together. I’m looking forward to committing to a longer stint in a place… I’m looking forward to purging more and more stuff cause I’ve learned I can be fabulous and free without 10lbs of old memories in my closet.

So… 6 weeks in Exile. You’re almost over. The blog I thought was going to be focused and quirky was just quirky and an adventure.


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