Day 11

Today… no this weekend into this week is just a monster.

Today I am up at 5:30 am in NE, I stumble my way to the bus which was 5 minutes late. I’m not complaining as much as giving you information. In that 5 minutes I spied my co-worker from the cafe making himself coffee in his grey and yellow hoodie and ignore the phone call I made to the restaurant. To be fair I was going to harras him anyway but still I wish he would have answered. In that 5 minutes I woke up enough to know it was windy, clear skies and slightly warm at 5:55 in the am. I am staying 5 blocks from my main cafe job and I got up BUTTCRACK early to go over to Performance Works Northwest so I could start and finish a work project for them. Today I got to clean and pain the whole studio with the help of my monkey magic best friend Michael Zero… who you may notice was also a performer in my show Genderfantasy. We listened to Magnetic Fields 69 love songs and painted for 10hours.

M. Who I’m staying with invited me to his restaurants employee party and I got free wine, cheese and sausage from 7pm -10pm. This is very good news considering I’ve been awake and working since 6am. I was really impressed with how drunk and funny everyone got. I of couse was a charming button of sweetness and told stories about my home made tattoo’s false aspergers test and pretend ADHD diagnosis.

Pepper has enjoyed 3=4 lovely days at Casa Del Pollizato and now I’m on to blonder pasteurs and staying with my friend E.D in SE for the next few days.

ALSO my plans have changed for Feb 16-21st and we will see if I make it to central oregon for the faerie gathering or not. DAMN CLERICAL ERROS ARE COCKBLOCKING MY SCENE.


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