Day 7 and 8 Thur and Fri

Yesterday was 9am-12noon Training and errands.

12-5 drive to seattle and arrive at the Stadium in Seattle.

5-12midnight Working a really busy and fun shift with Fliptography

12midnight to 3am visited a sweet friend

3am-8am sleep like a dead horse

8am-3pm Drive back to PDX and take a bath at Mickey’s house… and listen to CJ and the Dolls do their final rehearsals for the show…

3pm-7pm prep for my show with Lillian Rossetti for Homomentum: Love Knots!

8pm -11pm work the scenario/dance in my undies/and have myself a hot toddy

*** ADDED!

Tonight Lillian and I KILLED IT. It was so sweet! I LOVE DANCING. It really gives me support and motivation to be on stage and especially when I am well received. Lillian is SUCH an amazing collaborator and dancer we really worked each other out! I LOVE Homomentum! Such a supportive and awesome group of performers and a great audience. Can’t wait to watch more shows AND I look forward to judging at the HOMO’s GOT TALENT DANCE OFF this summer!
Also here are some pics from backstage and from the safeway where Svetlana and I ran into a cute bearded boy buying a toothbrush at the same time WE were buying a tooth brush!

Seattle Landmark

At Century Link Stadium in Seattle


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