How I prepared for my 6 weeks in exile… (taken from my facebook note)

“Dear beloved friends and family,


My new digs Willow Cottage is going through a big change in her life… she’s being “renovated”. And as per such the spirit of the house needs privacy and all her guests long term and short are being asked to give the house some privacy while these… “renovations” take place.


You’re asking yourself “Well obviously this means Pepper needs places to stay in that time frame…” “Where will Kaj-anne Pepper stay? What will she do? Who will snuggle at the altar of fantasy?”


And my question to you is


Wouldn’t you love a 1-7 day sleep over with Kaj-anne Pepper? Missing out on some quality time watching Pepper sleep or learn to cook in your kitchen? Ever wanted to make a documentary film about the grooming habits of a Butch Dandy Witch? Well now’s your chance! Pepper will accept, cuddles, couches, house sits, cat sits, plant caretakerships. Pepper will gladly be of minimal to maximum impact depending on desired and negotiated possibilities. Pepper will do your dishes, check her email incessantly, take a bath, scrub you tub and take another bath just cause. Wanna watch a movie and fall asleep 1/2 way through… what about 3/4 through… or even fall asleep trying to grab the remote! Don’t worry it’s not medication she’s on… nor milk of poppy she’s just thinking of lovely places to crash.




NOTE. I DO have a home base on Hawthorne but I want to use this opportunity to spend some evenings with my friends and folks who would have me also as to lessen my impact at that space…even though it is available. much loveKp”


About Kaj-anne Pepper
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