Day 6

May the way be illuminated and the doors be opened. May I be strong enough to get rid of the burdens on my back and in my house. May I be gracious enough to accept the guests who come in to fill the void. May I be wise enough to discern their intentions. Clever enough to be challenged and learn. And loving enough to welcome the difficult emotions as well as the effortless ones.

Almost a week away from Willow Cottage! My time on Mississippi st has come to an end and I am moving on to a very peculiar set of circumstances and living arrangements for this weekend.

I would have loved to lounge around the Mississippi co-op all morning but I had work to do! Woke up to do my daily pages and writing exercise. Remember it’s pronounced ex-er-cise. Ate a bagel and drank the tea and honey. Bussed it down to Broadway all grumpy and tired. Got an amazing massage by Jarod at Kalabody. Bussed it up to Dicky Dahl’s house to get my footage from the Genderfantasy shows. Bussed over to SE to have lunch with my sister Michael and have some quality kitten time with OSCAR (see photo below).  Made my way to the Hawthorne House (which is the base of operations for the Willow Cottage in exile) rooted through my cloths for my “I’m working a corporate event in Seattle tomorrow drag!” Bussed again dt to get my hair cut. And you would think it was cause I have to look presentable for the Seattle event… and yes that’s partly true but there is a special someone I want to look cute for…
After the hair was did I stomped over to Lillian’s house so we could rehearse for our dance number at Homomentum: Love Knots which is happening this FRIDAY at the FEZ! Doors at 7 show at 8!

I’m excited to dance with Lillian again. I’m also excited to make a departure from my usual drag=blood=guts=and glamour tactic and present a strictly dance piece. No Balloons, No fake blood. Heck I’m not even wearing a wig! I’m nervous to present a piece without my usual bells and whistles! I’m excited to see the reaction…    I’m thinking you want to come because you know it’s dedicated to my ex lovers and boyfriends… I’m thinking you want to come to see me dance! You’ll probably come because you know I’m going to be in my underwear…

This weekend. I thought I was staying in deep NE. But I ended up staying in close NE with CJ from CJ and the Dolls. Turns out I’m doing a show with them Feb 26th in Olympia.

Tomorrow I’m staying in Seattle in the Kentington Neighborhood after a long shift with Fliptography at an even which requires me to wear a nice shirt and nice pants… and GASP even keep a tidy beard and haircut. I think I should become a manager and then pierce my bridge like THIS.

and yes the Muffin Top Is ALL That.
Then we drive back to PDX Friday just in time to slap on some glitter and shake those thighs at Homomentum.



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