6 Weeks in Exile Days 2 and 3

Sat the 28th I woke up stretched a little did some deep breathing and walked to Bridges cafe from Mississippi and Shaver. I left work early cause it was nasty slow and of course it got slammed AS I was leaving… no worries though I marched on down MLK to go to Faery coffee at 3 friends coffee house. The moment I got there I was bombarded with social anxiety and excitement. It was a auspiciously nice day a good day for walking a good day for walking a good day for making music with Minstrel at the Honey House. They were kind enough to let me shower there and I realized I feel infinitely more comfortable in houses that are 80-100+ years old than I am in new condo developments. I went to see Meshi Chaves’s solo piece “… or be dragged” at momentum studios. Watching him make a dance offering that was both butoh and modern style dance movement was very inspiring. He has a strength and an ability to command the air around him with gravitas and emotion that I haven’t seen in a lot of dancers lately.
At one point I lost my keys and threw my hands in the air and said FUCK IT I don’t need em anyway!
Mississippi Co-op bedroom is much warmer than my bedroom at Willow Cottage in the morning.


Dreamt I was being stuffed full of cottonwood by the faery king in the woods. (Take what you will from that) I rushed to work. Slipped on a lip in the concrete and fell forward onto the ground… I scraped my fingers up and got very embarrassed. Worked at Bridges cafe again… this time not sacrificing my tips for time… (it was also not a gorgeous nor particularly auspicious day)
Got picked up by an ex bf and got lunch at Por Que No. I think I’ll go to a drag show downtown tonight…


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