6 weeks in exile… Day 1.

To document and attend to my 6 weeks in exile from Willow Cottage while it is being renovated…

DAY 1. Staying at Mississippi co-op on Mason and Mississippi. Jezzebelle is so kind to me to let me stay here.

Today I greeted J. got the keys did laundry and took myself out to eat breakfast at Cup N Saucer. I wanted to go to Gravy but they were too busy for my needs. At Cup and Saucer I spread out my journal and books and got to work on some writing exercises while eating chalky scrambled eggs and a fluffy blueberry pancake. I went to the comic store across the way and bought myself Fables “Rose Red” came “home” and did some much needed data entry.

Then I took myself out to eat lunch at Por Que No. The super cute cashier was working… with his curly hair and perfect arms. I ate what I always eat there… a bryan’s bowl with grilled chicken. I skipped the margarita cause I have evening plans to see tEEth perform at Lincoln Hall.

I walked down to that very busy coffee shop that REEKS of a Portlandia skit. The barista was quick about things and I sat down to read and write some letters to my pen pals. YES I have pen pals.

A friend with beautiful eyes and neck tattoo’s walked in and we chatted for a bit. Turns out he is here to write a letter to his mother.  I wonder how many other queers were writing hand drawn letters to their family that moment.

I drank my tea. Read the words. Bit my tongue and came “home”.

Set up the altar. Missed the bus. Went to see tEEth at Lincoln hall WOW how that company has grown.



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