After a winters sleep…

The equinox has just passed and I feel like I am just waking up out of a slumber. A much needed slumber which took me from Portland OR to Sint Maarten to Southern Oregon at the Wolf Creek Sanctuary to the crescent city of New Orleans to San Francisco and Oakland California and to my current station of Forrestville CA. When I started this blog I thought I was going to write a lot about the day to day of my travels but quickly realized I don’t have the constitution for that nor the available internet connection in some areas. I chose to unplug. It was a good choice and for the last 4 months I have been nurturing a sense of self-reliance and rest. I am so blessed to have been able to stay with many of my friends and family around the US and beyond.
Here’s a quick play by play of some shining events at each place

SINT MAARTEN- birthday dance party at Club Eros
Wolf Creek– hiking barefoot and naked up a steep hill to film a dance video at a sun altar. Also, a twin peaks marathon late at night and walking back to my cabin alone in the dark in the woods! Scary, awesome…fun!
New Orleans- Running into old friends in the bywater going to Setsuma Visiting Sallie Ann Glassman DiscoveringThe Country Club (and it’s hellaciously hot bartender Eric) the Eris Parade where I was pepper sprayed and witnessed some pretty aweful police brutality and generally enjoying lots of sober bicycling time alone through the french quarter while visiting with my dear sister brother Lee Kyle
San Francisco- Kabuki Baths were amazing as was Hayes Valley Farm

Now I’m in Forrestville but I’ve made a trip or two into my hometown of Santa Rosa to support Positive Images and reconnect with an organization which gave me my first sense of real community. Positive Images directors Jim Foster and Nancy Voegl were very surprised to see me and remarked how grown up I am… which is funny cause I hadn’t realized until seeing them again I attended the youth group about 10 years ago. If it had not been for their hard work and dedication to the support of queer youth I doubt I’d be as fabulous and grounded as I am today…

I took a tour through once gay resort town Guernville… and was sad to see almost all the gay bars shut down and a swift gentrification process setting in…


I’m looking forward to visiting my highschool english teacher Annie Samuels on WED and I’m looking forward to meeting some new family.

Note. My father passed away June 9th 2010 and his passing was a major inspiration for this trip. I wasn’t able to leave town for his funeral or properly grieve because I had scheduled so many shows and performances up through the end of 2010. A few months after his passing I got a facebook message from Lucinda explaining to me she was my aunt on my fathers side and she very much wants to get to know me. So, after a months of waiting on me to get around to coming to CA I am here. I am going to visit my aunt I have never met and visit my grandfather I haven’t seen since I was about 8. I hear there is an uncle too! Considering my strained relationship with my fathers side of the family I am overjoyed at this welcoming spirit and outpouring of interest. Turns out my aunt and I both LIKED Trannyshack SF on our facebook pages and had a few mutual friends already. This world is small, crazy and wonderful.

Shortly after visiting the newbies I will head up to Sonoma CA, to visit my grandmother and grandfather (the ones I’ve known for a while) and do my best to not die of boredom without WiFi. The weather looks good so I hope to get a good hike in at Sugarloaf

After Sonoma I will either head to Fort Bragg CA, or I will be making my way north back to Wolf Creek, OR to celebrate May Day at the Radical Faerie Sanctuary. I am very much looking forward to seeing many of my Portland friends and family amidst the high holy craziness which is that gathering. And, finally after all that magick is celebrated my journey back to PDX will happen and my re-entry into PDX will begin.

Things I’m thinking about
finding a job
a room
and beginning my multi-disciplinary dance piece GENDERFANTASY in late May.

(so much more about GENDERFANTASY to come…)



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