December in Paradise

I am in the Caribbean on the island of Sint Maarten on the Dutch side. I am staying with a friend and I am enjoying a vacation from the cold and the rain. I arrived last week and I am just now settling in. I will be here through part of January. Once I take some good photos (proof) I will post them, but for now it’s just trying to find a rhythm with nothing to do!

Nothing to do.

For the first time in a 2 years I find myself with very little to-do. I don’t have 3 pressing shows and a restaurant job to keep me busy. You would think I’d be happier than a hog in shit but I find myself still being a little spun. I’ve learned I need to do yoga and eat regularly and drink copious amounts of water. I also need to keep a book and notebook with me at all times. These are my crutches…my safety net. Hopefully by the end of this ‘vacation’ I will be able to free from some of my worry. I find myself wanting to drink beer and be quiet. I am very much a wallflower when I am traveling. In PDX I have all that foundation…all that root system. Here, I float…wave to wave.
I’ll have to learn to play, pray and pay in different ways.


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