Almost Finished

It is coming, it is so close! I am almost finished and complete with my busiest year of performance to date. But before I can wash my hands, compile the pictures, archive the DVD’s and write about it all, I have one more show to give. The show I’ve been in and out of since FEB. MISS THING the Pageant. Miss Thing is a monthly theme competition where the winners hold off until NOV 19th for a final knock down drag out punk rock drag finale. For the last two weeks I’ve been wrapping up my life in PDX, as I am leaving for a time. I am packing away my cloths, boxing the pictures, finding homes for my plants and tax documents. I extended my stay so I wouldn’t be as stressed out as I plan, glue and dance my way through MISS THING. I haven’t even had time to write a proper reflection on :SHORN. I will get there and it’s just waiting for me to dissect. I’m just under 3 weeks away from my adventure of ambiguous length, 1 week away from MISS THING, and a few days away from the final rush of costume, glitter, sparkle, hair and magick. I never thought I’d be in a pageant, as a queen, doing a “Hey Big Spender!” number but hey…every girl gets her day! I’m looking forward to all the performers and all the hard work they’ve put into this project all year long. I look forward to seeing how the queer drag community will interact now that the main competition and focus point will culminate and explode like a sparkle volcano. I look forward to jumping ship for a few months and recouping from the mad-cap dash of Drag, Dancing, Choreographing, Producing, and Performing all year long.


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