Culture Machine

Culture Machine is a dance performance (and research tank) that is performed and created by Tahni Holt along with Kaj-Anne Pepper, Robert Tyree, Sallie Garrido-Spencer, Thomas Thorson, Suzanne Chi, and Dicky Dahl. Culture Machine uses the terms representing, referencing, rebounding, replicating, pretending, mimicking, remixing, retelling, re-doing, reflecting, repeating, replacing, imitating, faking and acting as jumping off points to explore the construction of meaning and ways to translate through the lens of director, documentarian, and character. Culture Machine is sponsored by Disjecta, and is funded in part by individual artists’ grants through RACC.

CULTURE MACHINE: Performances October 14th-17th, 8pm, $15 general | $10 artists, students, senior citizens.

Opening reception after Thursday’s performance. Discussion after Saturday’s performance (the impersonation game)

DISJECTA 8317 N. Interstate Ave. Portland, OR. 97217 Reservations: Buy tickets directly online:


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