Starting amidst a storm…

The List:

Start Blog- make note that I’m too busy juggling 5+ shows and a job to make any sense

Start Clown School- to learn to juggle better (this is a joke I’m not interested in clown school today)

Clean room and pack for my move OCT 1st

Call new roommate to make sure I’m still moving

Ask for peanut butter in every smoothie from now on (organic)

Learn get more hot/cold packs for my neck (it’s sore from thrashing around in Tahni’s wigs for Culture Machine)

Make list of shows and to do’s on Blog in chronological order from now til Nov.

Ordo Virtutum Sept 24th and 26th

*set Aria’s for Soul, Obedience, Contempt of World, Victory and Humility. Prep runway walks.

Culture Machine Oct 15th-19th

*take care of neck

*wig combs and hair pins

*pass out flyers

:SHORN: at 1/2 Dozen Gallery Oct 25-30th

*confirm assistants/collaborators

*confirm with venue

*write and send press release to N. at Just Out

Miss Thing Pageant Nov 19th





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